The shadowy (and fictitious) “Lean Networks: a Vision Group Company” announces their arrival in Zagreb through welcome signs directing pedestrians to the new smart card reader system that members of the public will use to “conveniently and affordably” recharge in order to gain access to the city’s parks and plazas.

Implicit, but unstated, is that public spaces will now be operated on a pay per use basis, with LNVG controlling the concession. The privatization and monetization of basic aspects of life is masked by an eerie corporate smiley face whose declared customer service mission obscures the nefarious change taking place. The presence on the ground nearby of a concrete base with protruding steel bolts, presumably for the imminent arrival of the smart card reader itself, gives further credibility to the dawn of a new spatial regime.

The smart card reader is never in fact installed nor the orange barrier fencing for the monument removed—the work remains in a permanent state of imminent arrival. Viewers must ask themselves if this is the society they want.
Welcome to Kvaternik Square