Mandatory Minimum—We Have Moved is sign intervention and documentation project composed of a newly installed urban intervention under the Gowanus Expressway blandly announcing a (fictitious) increase in the federal minimum wage, and, the chain link fencing chamber at Eyebeam, that acts as historical, as well as actual, infrastructure, displaying documentation inside of the development of Orange Work (a project initiated with collaborator Sancho Silva, and developed both collectively and individually since 2005).

The Orange Work method might be summed up as: Be The State, by appropriating visual languages to contest issues of spatial dynamics.
This rupturing of situated relations is enacted architecturally in the documentation chamber as well, with the clear passage failing to lead inside while persons “going round the back” may enter.

The collaboration is externally with the unwitting silent partner of the federal government, and internally, with the loose pool of casual laborers who accumulate in the adjacent Home Depot parking garage, the “reserve army of capitalism” looking for work, with whom conversations will be held over the course of the exhibition, alerting them only (at the site) as to the presence and goals of the intervention, so that they may make some use of it in their labor negotiations.